If you are not sure if your gun will fit this holster, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss all details with you!

In-Waistband Concealed Carry Holster


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The Concealed Carry picture gallery shows various in-waistband holsters for several types of guns. The holster you receive is dependent upon your gun make and model.

Please, either contact us directly to place your concealed carry holster order, by calling (214) 869-1119 ~ OR ~ complete the order form here and we will contact you to confirm which pattern you will receive.

Our concealed carry holsters are designed to be worn inside the waistband of your jeans or shorts or pants.

The strong, steel spring clip is notched to hook on your belt, keeping the holster secure.

Order in left hand draw, right hand draw or small of the back left/right

Each holster is available in dark brown, oiled, and black, plus various other leather colors as available.

Each holster is available in dark brown, oil rubbed, black, or natural.

Leather is a natural product with variations that are inherent to the material. Each hide takes dyes and oils differently, so variations in color from product photos are to be expected. Some hides come with marks from barbed wire, branding, and the like. We select hides for their quality and base color, and ship only the best finished products. Please keep these facts in mind when you receive your new leather holster.


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Firearms Safety (Please Read)

All firearms must be handled with great care. Guns must only be handled by persons who have passed an accredited firearms safety course. All firearms must be considered loaded and treated accordingly. Huckleberry Gun Leather Holsters are only to be used with the specific gun (barrel length and model) for which they were made. Any modification or misuse of a  holster could prove dangerous. Always use the retention device provided on your holster. Remember to always wear eye and ear protection.