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Detective Shoulder Holster



Please Measure and Specify your Guns Barrel Length: (Click link below to see how to measure your gun)

How to Measure your Guns Barrel Length:

The Detective shoulder holster is a comfortable alternative for concealed or open carry. Simple design lets you easily put it on like your coat. Back strap is adjustable and fastens with a small buckle. The holster piece is vertically adjustable, via Chicago screws, so you may choose the perfect placement for a comfortable draw. Single snap retention strap secures the gun. Made entirely of cowhide leather, The Detective will soften as you wear it, conforming to your frame. Three universal holster sizes are available, meaning your gun WILL FIT in this shoulder holster.

  • Semi-Auto Holster Assembly fits majority of mid to large frame semi's
  • 5-Shot Holster Assembly fits snub nose revolvers and sub-compact .380's
  • 1911 Holster Assembly fits majority of 1911's regardless of maker, plus a range of compact 9 mm's

You'll be asked to specify your gun when ordering, so we can affix the perfect holster to your rig. You may order an additional holster assembly, for flexibility to carry different models. For example, one Semi-Auto Holster Assembly for your Sig P229 and one 5-Shot Holster for your S&W Model 36. Leather is a natural product with variations that are inherent to the material. Each hide takes dyes and oils differently, so variations in color from product photos are to be expected. Some hides come with marks from barbed wire, branding, and the like. We select hides for their quality and base color, and ship only the best finished products. Please keep these facts in mind when you receive your new leather holster.


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