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About Us

Huckleberry Gun Leather is a family owned and operated, Texas business. We strive to create quality leather goods for your gun-owning lifestyle, and to provide consistent, top quality service.

We Know Guns.
We Know Leather.

Our Holster Collection


What We Make

Shoulder Holsters

A leather holster hung from the shoulder and usually worn underneath the arm, allowing a handgun to be concealed underneath a coat. 

Concealed Carry

A leather holster that rides inside the waistband of trousers can be an unobtrusive method of concealed carry. Concealment is superior to an external belt or paddle, although some sort of coat/jacket or shirt untucked must always be worn.

Open Carry

A leather holster that rides on the outside of your waistband. A holster that prevents someone from grabbing it and from easily falling out. 

We Specialize in Left-Handed Holsters!